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It will take all our efforts to ensure the success of the Temple of Peace. New committees are now forming and many volunteers are needed. Each of these committees will be a vital part of the Ashram – shaping its vision, day-to-day activities, and role in our community. This is a wonderful opportunity for all Kriyavans to be active in the Ashram.

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(monthly tithing, special events)

This committee is responsible for continuing fundraising to cover operating expenses, repay indebtedness to the Institute incurred in the renovation of the ashram, and fund ongoing improvements.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Plan periodic fundraising events in coordination with other committees and interested Kriyavans.
  • Create fundraising materials
  • Oversee online sales & delivery of fundraising items (CDs, calendars, etc)

(lawn maintenance, gardening, cleaning, repairs, snow removal, etc.)

Responsible for meeting the ongoing maintenance of the ashram building and grounds. This includes recurring maintenance, repair, housekeeping, as well as periodic capital projects. The ashram requires continuing care of its grounds and structure to fulfill its mission. Guruji has specifically stated that the community supported by the ashram is responsible for its upkeep and improvement and that the monastic residents are not responsible for maintaining the property.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Weekly vacuum, trash removal, dusting
  • Weekly grounds maintenance: mowing, snow removal, weeding, maintaining shrubbery, cleaning trash, and maintaining the exterior appearance of the ashram and its grounds
  • Event Cleanup: Cleaning the interior and grounds, and organizing the leftover materials from events held at the ashram
  • Capital Improvements: Develop scope, price, and calendar for a capital improvement campaign for necessary items. Monitor and manage the specific capital improvement projects.
  • Gardening, landscaping, and exterior improvements to create an atmosphere outside the structure that is in alignment with the goals and objectives of the ashram.

(Kriya program and special events marketing and advertising, website, social media)

The Marketing & Advertising Committee is responsible for creating, distributing, and monitoring all Temple of Peace marketing and advertising. This will include general information about the Temple of Peace and program-specific materials. This committee will work closely with the Fundraising, Kriya Programs, and Outreach & PR Committees.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Design and create marketing materials
  • Distribute marketing materials within the region
  • Research and monitor effective marketing sources
  • Manage online marketing efforts (social media, listings, etc.)
  • Update and manage the Temple of Peace website

(charity work, inter-faith programs, new initiate follow up, community building)

This committee is responsible for outreach and public relations in the community (Kriyavans and non-Kriyavans). This will include local programs in the community, charity work, and inter-faith activities. Another important aspect of this committee will be welcoming and following up with new initiates on non-spiritual related matters. This committee will work closely with the Kriya Programs Committee.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Plan, schedule, coordinate local programs in community
  • Send welcome letters to new initiates and follow up regularly with new initiates.
  • Plan and organize ongoing charity work

(food, hosting, transportation, seva, and other aspects for Kriya programs including initiations, lectures, intensives, holidays)

Support leadership in all aspects of Kriya Yoga programs and special functions including food, hosting, locations, seva, etc.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Coordinate all programs, intensives and retreats for Temple of Peace
  • Lead and Coordinate all Initiation programs
  • Lead the development of the Annual schedule for programs, intensives and retreats.
  • Food coordination and preparation for programs
  • Coordination of hosting and transportation for out of town guests
  • Seva coordination for programs
  • Other program related duties as needed

(Kriyavan database, mailing list, calling trees)

Maintain Database of Kriyavans in the Rocky Mountain region and an up-to-date mailing list. Coordinate Telephone Trees for seva and programs.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Update and Maintain Rocky Mountain Region Database
  • Creating and coordinating telephone tree

(mailings, library, office supplies)

The Office Management Committee is responsible for managing administrative functions of the ashram including filing, mailings, office supplies. This committee will also oversee the ashram library inventory and circulation.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Organize and maintain inventory of necessary office supplies
  • Coordinate mailings from the Ashram

Manage Ashram library inventory and circulation

(book sales, inventory, records)

The Bookstore Management Committee will be responsible for all Bookstore operations. This will include maintaining an accurate inventory and sales records as well as keeping displays stocked and clean.

Some Specific Duties:

  • Manage Bookstore inventory
  • Sales staff at bookstore
  • Maintain accurate records and submit sales income to KYI

These committees report to an Operating Committee which reports regularly to the Kriya Yoga International Board and ensure that our ashram adheres to KYI policies and guidelines.

To sign up for any of these committees, please email

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