Keeping spiritual growth as the central goal, Paramahamsa Hariharananda spent his entire life for the betterment of humanity. He lived by the maxim: “Feed the hungry, teach the students, nurse the sick, and give solace to the distressed.”

Throughout his life, Paramahamsa Hariharananda served many people individually as well as collectively. While he stayed at Karar Ashram, in Puri, he opened a charitable homeopathic dispensary to treat students and poor people. He took in many poor children and orphans, providing them with shelter at the Puri ashram and ensuring their education. When seeing the misery and distress of many poor, old, widowed women he helped establish an ashram for these women, with facilities for cottage industries that provided not only employment for them, but also a good, safe and healthy atmosphere where they could live a dignified life.

The aim of the Kriya Yoga International organizations is to render philanthropic services to distressed and vulnerable sections of society, to promote feelings of fraternity among people irrespective of caste, class, nationality, religion and gender, and to promote unity and integrity within society and the nation. Charity allows us to step up from a spirit of disparity and differences to the path of humanity with humility, which leads to the realm of divinity.

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