HAND_LOGO_US__11.17_MB_-286x300Hand in Hand, a non-profit charitable organization, was founded by a group of spiritually oriented people in 2000 in Vienna, Austria, to provide humanitarian aid in the state of Odisha after the devastation caused by the super cyclone in 1999, the drought and famine in 2000, and the severe magnitude of the flood in 2001. Hand in Hand’s concerns have since broadened to encompass school education, professional training, social service and healthcare in the poorest regions of India as well as medical check ups, child, youth and family welfare programs together with the provision of care for the aged, sick, and the physically challenged.

The organization’s active role in providing support for charitable causes led to the creation of a sister organization in the USA, Hand in Hand USA, in 2001. Hand in Hand (Europe and USA) continues to support these projects through generous donations and sponsorship of its projects such as the “Sponsor a child” initiative at Hariharananda Balashram.

The founders of Hand in Hand came from many walks of life, but shared a common bond with the love and joy found in meditation. They differed in race, nationality, religious persuasion, professional training, economic status, and age, but were commonly united in a desire to selflessly aid those who were less fortunate.

The goal of Hand in Hand is to provide financial support to other charitable organizations who carry out humanitarian aid projects focused on education, professional training, social service, and health care, as well as medical checkups, child, youth and family welfare programs, and care for the aged, sick, and disabled. Hand in Hand’s first undertaking was to respond to the tremendous need for humanitarian aid in Odisha, India that was caused by the super cyclone in 1999, the drought and famine in 2000, and the catastrophic floods of 2001. Hand in Hand supported relief efforts carried out by Prajnana Mission in the wake of these disasters.

The tireless efforts of the many dedicated volunteers of organizations such as Prajnana Mission, combined with your generous support, enable us to selflessly serve the impoverished and the disadvantaged, hand in hand.